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Metal Buildings and Steel Buildings in Jacksonville, FL

As a Builder in Jacksonville, Florida company, we construct metal buildings in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. We are also Northeast Florida’s official builder for Butler® metal buildings from Butler® building system.

Steel buildings by your local Butler Builder in North FL

Why build a Steel or Metal building?

  • Roofs are energy star and long lasting
  • Ease code compliance
  • Require little maintenance
  • Accelerated Construction speed

Metal buildings have many advantages and are built faster and cheaper than many of the alternatives. These advantages make them attractive to our customers. The right building will also help control operating costs, and deliver on sustainability promises.

Metal Buildings are an excellent choice for:

  • Office Building Construction
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Construction
  • Reroof and Retrofit Construction
  • Self Storage Construction
  • Warehouse and Distribution Center Construction

We like to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to our steel building construction projects. We have years of experience building, so you can be confident that when you ask us to build a building for you, that you will have a good experience and have a building that will last for years while requiring low maintenance. Our customers are steadfast in their belief that they have chosen the right builder for their projects. If you are a doctor and need new medical office construction or you are a farmer who just needs a simple barn construction, we can design your building to meet your requirements and we can build it quickly. Our name is Accelerated Contractors because that is what we do, we accelerate your construction project by using our expertise to reduce the time and cost of projects. In the end, your project is just as important to us as it is to you.

To learn more about metal buildings or to get a consultation on a steel building, please contact us.