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Dr. Cavell’s Eye Clinic Buildout in Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Carvell approached Accelerated Contractors with the desire to build an eye clinic that would last, increase productivity, provide patients and employees with a comfortable environment.  Our team built an office that has helped Dr. Carvell grow her business.

Carvell & Associates began with Dr Blair Roberts opening his doors in the 1960’s on San Juan and Roosevelt. As the practice and the city began to develop, Dr Roberts moved his practice to  Blanding Blvd. Dr Carvell joined Dr Roberts in 1990, took on the practice in 2007 and they continued to practice together until his retirement in 2010.

As the practice continues to grow, they moved to our beautiful new office with more room for patient care and cutting edge technology in ocular disease management and a wide variety of contact lens options for almost every prescription and ocular surface.