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Accelerated Contractors’ New Construction & Remodeling Projects

VC Center

The VC Center is a 36,000 sq ft medical office center at Town Center in Jacksonville’s Tinsel Town area.


Early slab pour for the future home of “Tradeshow”, a 10,000 square foot metal building consisting of a huge warehouse as well as their office space.  This metal building will be located on the Northside, just over the Dames Point bridge. 


The Baker’s Son

A Filipino “made from scratch” bakeshop and will be the first of its kind in the Jacksonville area with grand opening expected to be February of 2021.

Accelerated Contractor’s LLC built the 1730 square foot buildout as well as an additional walk-in cooler. This tenant buildout is conveniently located between Southside and the Intercoastal.

It features not only a walk-in cooler addition but also a walk-in freezer, 20 pan baking ovens, 3 stockpot ranges at the back of house and top-of-the-line finishes at the front of the house.

Kiddie Academy

Accelerated Contractors, working with the Kiddie Academy Franchisee and local owners, built a 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art child care facility to serve up to 170 children ages 0 to 5 years of age, including staff of 20. Kiddie Academy’s ventilation system is equipped with infrared lighting that kills 99.7 percent of airborne germs on the first pass and 100 percent on the second pass – making the childcare center the first in history to use the infrared technology that is used in surgery centers. The center has a full commercial kitchen, capable of delivering 200 meals twice each day, and a nearly 4,000-square-foot portico on the outside to allow up to eight cars at a time to drop and pick up children and be protected from the elements.

Kiddie Academy has more than 150 locations nationwide and has been a leader in education-based child care for 35 years.  The Jacksonville location will use a curriculum created to promote each child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth.  Visit Kiddie Academy at 14975 Walden  Springs Way Rd, Jacksonville, Fl 32258.

Commercial construction of schools is no stranger to us. We’re honored any time we’re awarded the responsibility to help build a school that will serve children – especially when we get to utilize our design-build construction expertise. And when building schools, the knowledge we’ve learned in restaurant construction over the years makes it easy to build state-of-the-art commercial kitchens that can prepare hundreds of meals per day.

Kiddie Academy front of building school construction for young children
Kiddie Academy school construction site preparation moving dirt and pouring footings
Outside view of school construction in process
Hallway view of classrooms during drywall installation
Paving of covered parkway for drop-off in school construction project
Colorful view of preschool classroom ready for the children to arrive


Jollibee© is the largest fast-food restaurant chain in Asia and the 9th largest in the world – larger than Burger King® and it is loved by customers.  As the General Contractor for Jollibee’s© first Florida restaurant, Accelerated Contractors built “the very best building we have ever built” (according to the Jollibee© President at the grand opening). Accelerated Contractor’sManaging Member, Brad Hollett, traveled to California prior to construction to get a sense of how current restaurants were built and to improve inefficiencies.  Opening week drew in record crowds selling over $350,000.  The store has continued to be a favorite in Jacksonville.

The first Jollibee© store in the USA was opened in 1998 in Daly City, California. Catering to the Filipino and Filipino-American families living in the area, Jollibee© brought them the familiar feeling of home. Since then, Jollibee© has endeavored to endear itself to the Filipino communities and locals in every area where it operates by offering quality great-tasting food and friendly customer service with a warm and homey ambiance.  Visit Jollibee© at 11884 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225.

As a premier restaurant contractor in North Florida, we were honored to be trusted with Jollibee’s very first Florida restaurant. Restaurant construction is a specialty of ours and we keep getting better with every restaurant we build.

Jollibee quick serve restaurant construction building – the first Jollibee restaurant in North Florida
Inside the Jollibee restaurant construction buildout floor plan during the build
Installation of metal studs during build-out phase for quick-serve restaurant
Drywall phase with ductwork installation in Jollibee fast food restaurant
Drive-through view of Jollibee during restaurant construction

Family Care Partners – Intercoastal

When the opportunity to design and build a state-of-the-art medical facility was offered to Accelerated Contractors, our team was excited at the challenge.  We interviewed doctors and staff to find what they liked about their current office, what concerned them in regards to safety, confidentiality, and ease of use, and what their wish list was for a new office.  The result is a medical building construction project that has improved efficiency for every doctor’s office in the building.

Family Care Partners – Intercoastal is a multiple physician practice offering internal medicine, family practice and much more.  With over 25,000 square feet and room for over 20 practitioners, the facility is home to pediatric care, internal medicine, family practice, and more.  Visit Family Care Intercoastal at 14444 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32250.

New medical clinic construction reception area after finish work
medical facility construction phase with metal stud framing


Family Care Partners – Fleming Island

Expanding on the experience and research from FCP Intercoastal, Accelerated Contractors built the Family Care Partners Fleming Island to meet the needs of patients, doctors, and staff at this newest location.  The results are over 25,000 square feet of innovative medical office space and room for over 20 practitioners. We’re proud to be an experienced Medical Construction Company.

Family Care Partners – Fleming Island is a multiple physician practice offering internal medicine, family practice, pediatric care and much more.  The center has an urgent care capable of bullet wound and head trauma care. Visit Family Care Partners at 4565 US Hwy 17,  Fleming Island, FL 32003.

Family Care Partners in Fleming Island medical design-build construction project outside building
Medical construction inside doctors office during build phase of Family Care Partners clinic
Hallway of patient rooms during medical building construction
Parkway for patient loading during medical clinic construction
Hallway of patient rooms designed for efficient flow of traffic after finish work for medical office construction

Church’s Chicken

After 20 years without a new store in Jacksonville, Church’s Chicken built three stores at the same time.  Accelerated Contractors was chosen to be one of three general contractors.  Our location was the highest quality and lowest cost restaurant of the group per the Church’s Chicken Franchise Project Manager.  Building from the ground up, we built a restaurant within budget meeting all of the needs for the owner.

Founded in San Antonio, TX in 1952 by George W. Church, Church’s Chicken is one of the largest quick service restaurant chicken chains in the world. Church’s (along with its sister brand) has more than 1,650 locations in 23 countries and international territories and system-wide sales of more than $1 billion.  Visit Church’s Chicken at 1855 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32218.

Restaurant construction is a passion of ours and we’re even happier when we get to do restaurant planning design and construction like we did with this project. Accelerated Contractors is one of the most highly touted restaurant contractors in the state of Florida.

Church’s Chicken after finishing quick-serve restaurant building construction
Excavating for Church’s Chicken site digging into ground and preparing for construction build-out
Site preparation for Church’s Chicken fast food restaurant construction build with an excavator moving dirt
Installation of reinforced concrete pipes in muddy ground for preparation of Church’s Chicken fast food construction project
poured footings at construction site for Church’s Chicken restaurant construction
TyVek wrapped building ready for restaurant contractors to finish

Midnight Farms School

Midnight Farms is a private farm with over 6,000 acres.  Accelerated Contractors, working with the owners, is currently building a private school.  Addressing health concerns and strict environmental guidelines, the building will be a hypo-allergenic, family focused, and built to enhance not only the needs of a school but to create a facility accentuating the farm life.  Large windows and open floor plans create an environment for learning and growing.  Located in Crescent City the school features an industrial kitchen, multi-level class rooms, and living spaces.

As a private farm, Midnight Farms has committed to using local craftsmen and suppliers who are both environmentally friendly and support the local economy.

We love building “outside the box”, so we’re excited when clients bring us projects that encourage us to solve issues and dream big while using all of our architecture, design-build, and metal building knowledge, like Midnight Farms School did. And getting to design and build another commercial kitchen with all of our restaurant construction experience was icing on the cake!

Commercial construction site preparation for Midnight Farms
Barn construction for Midnight farms during build-out
Looking up the stairs inside the Midnight Farms commercial build
Covered entry-way for Midnight Farms construction project
Outside the barn and classroom during barn and classroom build finishing commercial general contracting work
Entry-way during build phase of commercial construction project for Midnight Farms

Jax’s Brick House

Built in 1906, Jax Brick House was home to Jacob’s Jewelers’ employees.  After a succession of owners, the building had fallen into disrepair.  Now a private residence with 5 condos, the remodel focused on keeping the feel of the historical Springfield structure and while adding modern conveniences.  Accelerated Contractors replaced an external staircase to all 3 levels, removed and relocated most of the internal structure, and upgraded the plumbing and electric.   Now the home is a showcase for families to gather.  Drive by the home at 115 W. 2nd Street, Jacksonville, FL  32208.

We found it very satisfying to work on this historic home renovation in Jacksonville, creating a beautiful multi-family dwelling while preserving the history of this beautiful old building.

Inside the historical renovation of the Jax brick house by Accelerated Contractors in Jacksonville Florida
Outside the old Jacob’s Jewelers brick building renovation for multi-tenant construction project
Back of Jax’s brick house lot before multi-tenant construction project
Dirty floor prior to renovation project by general contractor in Jacksonville
Looking up the rafters before the multi-tenant home renovation of historic brick building
Wooden floors and bare studs prior to renovation by Jacksonville general contractor
Inside the multi-family dwelling prior to renovation in mutli-tenant construction project Image 8
Sliding barn doors inside a newly renovated unit
View up the stairs during home renovation
kitchen of finished multi-tenant construction renovation project.
Back deck and fire-escape of mutli-tenant construction renovation of the Jax Brick House


When Sweet Frog expanded into North Florida, Accelerated Contractors was ready to meet the challenge.  Accelerated Contractors design/built 16 stores throughout Florida in 9 months.  When faced with the challenge of creating a unique background for a main wall, our team used individual glass tiles in the corporate color scheme to create a random pattern seen at all locations.  To keep the cost of the tiles as low as possible, we searched the globe and found a company in China who would allow us to purchase the tiles, in bulk, at a discount ($2 per sq ft!).

sweetFrog is the fastest growing self-serve frozen yogurt restaurant company in the country. sweetFrog has 340 stores and mobile units including retail, mobile trucks and non-traditional locations in twenty-seven states in the U.S, Dominican Republic and Egypt. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Richmond, Virginia. sweetFrog prides itself on providing a family-friendly environment where customers can enjoy soft-serve frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato and sorbets with the toppings of their choice.

Accelerated Contractors is the premier restaurant construction contractor in Jacksonville and throughout North Florida, improving efficiencies for employees and customers while finding ways to save on restaurant build-out costs.

Self-serve frozen yogurt stations at sweetFrog restaurant construction project
sweetFrog during build out of local construction company, Accelerated Contractors
ordering counter during finish work of frozen yogurt quick-serve restaurant construction project

Dr. Carvell

Dr. Carvell approached Accelerated Contractors with the desire to build an eye clinic that would last, increase productivity, provide patients and employees with a comfortable environment.  Our team built an office that has helped Dr. Carvell grow her business.

Carvell & Associates began with Dr Blair Roberts opening his doors in the 1960’s on San Juan and Roosevelt. As the practice and the city began to develop, Dr Roberts moved his practice to  Blanding Blvd. Dr Carvell joined Dr Roberts in 1990, took on the practice in 2007 and they continued to practice together until his retirement in 2010.

As the practice continues to grow, they moved to our beautiful new office with more room for patient care and cutting edge technology in ocular disease management and a wide variety of contact lens options for almost every prescription and ocular surface.

Accelerated Contractors is proud of the extensive experience we have brought to doctors and other professionals to help them improve efficiencies in their practice with our design-build expertise in medical office construction.

Front door of Eye clinic doctor’s office construction project in Jacksonville Florida
Medical clinic framing with wooden studs for eye doctor medical clinic construction project
Construction phase of medical facility for eye doctor
Reception area, children’s waiting area, and hallway to patient rooms after medical facility contractors finish up
Entry way and eye-glass shopping area for efficient traffic flow designed and built by a medical building contractor

Split, Open & Melt

Split, Open & Melt is a 1200 square foot New York style bagel shop that is a tenant build out done by Accelerated Contractors.

NY style bagel and deli sandwiches steamed to melty perfection.  Good bagels, good music, good vibes.

American Access Care of Jacksonville/Azura

The American Access Care of Jacksonville/Azura located at 2416 Dunn Avenue was completed by Accelerated Contractors, LLC in August of 2018 and was approved by ACHA on its first go around!
American Access is a 6,000 square foot ambulatory surgery center providing services to North Jacksonville.

The ASC portion features (2) Operating Rooms, (3) Pre-Op Stations, (3) Post-Op Stations and a beautiful reception area along with several office spaces.
The Office-Based

Lab/ OBL portion of this build in coordination with ASC make it possible for the physicians of American Access Care of Jacksonville to provide more efficient & convenient services than those of a hospital environment.

This Accelerated Contractors LLC project was a welcome addition to the North Jax community.