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Medical Building Construction

Accelerated Contractors are experts in medical construction, with a deep understanding of driving efficient patient flow from the parking lot, (including patient pick-up and drop-off outside,) as well check-in and office flow inside. We can help you improve efficiencies in your doctor’s office construction project and any type of medical building construction. We helped Dr. Chong with his specialized medical facility construction requiring knowledge of very specific regulations and compliance with building codes. We have the experience to make the process simple! Learn more about Dr. Chong’s practice and minimally invasive vascular clinic below or see his full testimonial here.

Minimally Invasive Vascular

Dr. Chong shown with Brad Hollett in Medical facility built by Brad and his team of medical construction experts

Kok L. Chong, MD performs interventional and endovascular procedures in the outpatient setting, to diagnose and treat vascular diseases with the highest level of care a Minimally Invasive Vascular. As an alternative to the hassling with parting and navigating a busy hospital, EF LF patients can easily park by our front door and be greeted by our welcoming staff and highly trained clinicians who are dedicated to ensuring each experience is comfortable and effortless. We treat Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI), Deep Venous Disease, End-Stage Renal Disease (ERSD) Dialysis Access Dysfunction May-Thurner Syndrome, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, Superficial Venous Reflux Disease, Testicular/Scrotal Varicocele, Uterine Fibroid Disease (UFE), most Vascular Diseases, Arterial Disease, and Venous Diseases. A full description of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment procedures are confidently found on our website.

Dr. Chong’s new office-based surgery center is the result of a complex design/build project executed by Brad Hollet, president of Accelerated Contractors and ACT architects. Known for medical-based project developments that pass ACHA certification the first time, Hollet created a more efficient patient and staff flow because of his clear understanding of how humans react to a built environment. Dr. Chong is particularly pleased with this project because of its higher utilization of available space and the massive power saving due to better design. The building accommodates a state-of-the-art vascular procedure room accommodating a fully motorized portable fluoroscopic C-arm that give Dr. Chong significant diagnostic capability to see a patients’ tiniest vasculature as he begins to “clean out” arteries for better blood flow. Also, Dr. Chong’s onsite equipment includes both diagnostic ultrasound and intravascular ultrasound, radiofrequency and laser venous ablation and laser atherectomy devices. New patient sand referral providers are welcome at our new beautiful location.

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