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Brad Hollett - expert general contractor highly recommended in Jacksonville Florida

Brad Hollett

Brad Hollett – Commercial Construction Expert

Accelerated Contractors has been in the construction industry since he was 16. He co-owns ACT Architects also. He has completed substantial work in commercial and industrial projects. Brad has been in the top 10 commercial remodelers and the top 20 commercial contractors in North Florida for the last 30 years. ACT has been in the North Florida top 20 architect firms for 5 years. Brad has more than 30 years’ experience as a contractor. With his state license as a general contractor, Brad has built many projects in the Southeast United States. These projects would include but are not limited to medical building construction, office construction, restaurant construction, thrift store retail construction, spa construction, general contracting of salons, exercise gym and retail stores.  He’s known for his efforts to “Go Green” whenever possible. Accelerated and ACT have been featured in many magazines such as MD-News, Jacksonville Business Journal, Florida Times Union and FOCUS displaying his company’s work. He’s received awards year after year for his work in the community and for Best Commercial Builder, just to name a few. Brad is “hands on” from beginning to end, from the blueprints and design to ground breaking and grand opening. You can put your project in the trust of Accelerated Contractors and feel confident and secure that Brad Hollett will make your vision come to life, it will be up to code, up to date, with the latest and greatest products and safe for the environment. Brad is United States Green Building Council Accredited on the highest levels of LEED AP BD+C (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) with specific training in Building Design and Construction.

Angie Denton general contractor project manager in Jacksonville, FL
Angie Denton

Angie Denton – General Contractor Expert

Our Executive Office Director and Project Manager, Angie Denton has worked with Brad since 1998. Her years of experience in the area of construction include all aspects of the project, starting in the office from answering the phones, to being proficient in Florida building statutes, constructing contracts, change orders, lien waivers, letters of warranties and the closing process, to helping the client really understand what to expect – from what they think the building process is all about, to being out in the field supervising her own crews and meeting with inspectors. Angie can foresee obstacles prior to them arising which protects the timing and cost of the project. She has the knowledge to fulfill the same outcome many different ways so the task is completed without a hitch. She is best known for her attention to details, nothing is left undone or forgotten. The relationships she has made over the last 20 years of being in the construction industry are long-lasting and makes it easier to achieve and overcome the milestones needed to accomplish the assignment at hand.

General contractor and safety expert in North Florida
Pat Cunningham

Pat Cunningham General Contractor Safety Expert


Our Estimator/Project Manager, has been along side Brad since 1990. His extensive experience goes back even as far as picking up his first hammer, nails and a ruler as Brad’s helper. His experience includes knowing OSHA regulations, the safety programs and procedures, the permitting process, the Florida Building Codes and staying up to date with the latest changes, timing and scheduling of each phase of the project just to name a few. He’s not only the project manager who knows every square foot of the project he’s working on, but how to make it look like it “Grew together”. He’s the man who makes sure every person has all the needed safety equipment for a healthy environment whether you’re working on site, visiting, or just making a delivery. His presence on the job-site assures that progress is being done safely, timely and accurately.

Our Team

Accelerated Contractors Team doesn’t end there, Brad has hand picked his staff of Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers and Project Accountants. Brad sought out for the best experienced and knowledgeable office staff, who have the in’s and out’s of the local to state contracting procedures perfected. Our thoroughly screened, reviewed and skilled in house carpenters and tradesman complete most of the phases of the projects we accept. Our average Carpenter/Tradesmen has been with us over 10 years so they know exactly how Brad wants things done. Their dedication to a completely perfected finished product is definitely noticed. This makes Accelerated Contractors a strong solid team that communicates and understands our clients wants and needs.

“Start With The End In Mind”